What my patients say

"I went to Ming for a lower back injury which he fixed in 2 sessions. Also, my shoulder, hips, and a previously torn hamstring were not firing and felt very weak. After his treatment they were all much stronger AND more flexible. I've been in the the NBA for 7 years and I have never seen anything like this before. I think everyone, not just athletes, should receive his type of treatment. Ming's therapy is amazing!"

—Carlos Boozer, former player for the Chicago Bulls

"Ming Chew has been my friend, trainer and physical therapist for over 15 years. During that time he's helped to keep me injury-free. With an eye to the future, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest for new and innovative methods." 

—Matt Dillon, Actor

"When I first met Ming Chew, I knew he would fix my bad back when no one else could. What I know now is that he is clearly the future of sports training and sports therapy in this country. If you don't believe me, just ask the New Jersey Nets, whose season he saved a few years ago."

—Mike Lupica, Columnist, New York Daily News

"Ming's techniques are innovative and revolutionary. After years of immobility in my shoulder, Ming gave me full range of motion and renewed flexibility in only four sessions, which in turn helped me avoid surgery."

—Neil Smith, former General Manager, New York Rangers

"Ming’s treatment was definitely the best I have gotten in my career. I injured my right shoulder and knee, and within four sessions I dramatically improved in both areas. I am a believer."

—Tyronn Lue, Head Coach of Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Champion 2016

"Ming combines astonishing diagnostic abilities with vast clinical knowledge of how our anatomy works, plus remarkable skill. I had vertigo, nausea, and headaches for about two years, and was beginning to bump into things. I saw three doctors, including two specialists... they couldn’t help. But after two sessions with Ming, I was totally cured!"

—Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, playwright, Pulitzer Prize finalist

"After seeing a bunch of doctors and taking MRIs, my shoulder still hurt. I had severe, throbbing pain for over a year. After two sessions with Ming, I'm pain free! His techniques are unusual for sure, but you can't argue with success!"

—Ed Faicco, owner of Faicco's Pork Store, Greenwich Village

"I developed muscle tightness, adhesions and imbalances which culminated in debilitating sciatica. This made it difficult to walk...impossible to exercise and it threatened my career as a surgeon. Ming's therapy resulted in a rapid reduction in pain. I am now able to run, swim, and cycle better than I have in twenty years. He also undoubtedly extended my career by many years...Ming is a true healer"

—Hal Leeper, MD, PhD

"After having developed chronic hip pain after surgery last year, I found my way to Ming Chew. After my very first treatment I saw improvements. By the 5th session I was able to ride my bike and walk more than just a few blocks...I also recently started surfing again as well!

I also had a painful arthritic foot from sports injuries which made it difficult to weight bear. Ming also markedly improved my foot.

His techniques are innovative and intuitive but most importantly they work! Ming is hands-on unlike most other PTs. He's unique and 100% committed to making his patients better. In this cheapened, watered down healthcare it's nice to know there are still practitioners who are devoted to the patient. I've since referred him many patients.

I'm a dermatologist and internist and I've been all around the world trying to solve my problems. I feel quite lucky to have found my answer right here in New York City!"

—David Colbert, MD
    New York Dermatology Group

"Ming succeeded in alleviating pain from a herniated disc in my low back. In a dramatic instance, he eliminated the pain a day before a long awaited skiing trip. I managed to to ski pain-free for the following 3 days...vacation saved! His practice is further enhanced by deep empathy, kindness and interest in both my physical and psychological health....I am extremely grateful to Ming for all he has done for me."

—William T Georgis, Architect

"I first came to Ming around the turn of the millennium with a case of advancing carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness extending up to my elbows. Ming sorted me out in three visits. Now I see him a couple of times a year for a 'checkup' and he keeps me straight, head to toe. He's always at the high end of the learning curve when it comes to new techniques. Go see Ming, and feel good."

—Billy Squier, singer/guitarist

Ready to take that next step on the journey to being pain-free? What was once only available to elite, high-profile athletes and celebrities is now available to you. Find out for yourself. Get rid of your pain now by making an appointment with Ming.